By shutting down the engine in idle mode, fuel is saved and the environment is protected. The installation of DYNTEST IdleControl ensures that the engines are switched off automatically in areas where they are not permitted to run in idle mode for an extended period of time. This becomes more and more obligatory due to regulations or laws. Fuel consumption and harmful exhaust gases are reduced significantly DYNTEST IdleControl works independently of the combustion process and can thus be installed in both diesel and gas engines.

Additionally to the shutdown function the system records the operating data and the shutdown events.
The data can -as known from the DYNTEST Control-Box- be read out and analyzed via PC using the CPK terminal software. The preset parameters for the shutdown function can also be modified.

About the funtctions of DYNTEST IdleControl:

A countdown sequence starts as soon as the parking brake is activated while idling. After a preset time an acoustic signal alerts the user that the engine will be switched off shortly. After reaching the shutdown time, DYNTEST IdleControl turns off the engine automatically.
In order to ensure that the engine keeps running at very high or very low ambient temperatures a temperature sensor can be installed optionally. This guarantees that the DYNTEST IdleControl switches off the engine only at ambient temperatures within a certain range. For example between 10 and 27 ° C (this temperature range can also be parameterized). This allows the engine to operate at very low temperatures for heating or at very high temperatures for cooling. Within the predetermined temperature range the engine is switched off automatically for example after five minutes idling with active park brake (also calibratable).

DYNTEST IdleControl can be used in different ways

DYNTEST IdleControl can be installed as stand-alone solution.
An Integration in the tried and tested DYNTEST DPF-Monitoring system (ControlBox V4) is easily possible!

Product No: 20203
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