The ControlBox: the key component in the DYNTEST System

Over the course of time, diesel-particulate filters become clogged, and high levels of back-pressure build up. To prevent damage to the filter, and to the vehicle engine, effective countermeasures must be taken fast. This is precisely what the ControlBox does. It measures, logs and monitors back-pressure, exhaust-gas temperature, engine revs - and 4 other important parameters as well. If the monitored parameter values exceed (or fall below) preset maximum (or minimum) values, an alarm in the form of a flashing light is generated, and then a hooter sounds. In addition, the ControlBox can trigger active regeneration and alarm systems. Besides these safety functions, the ControlBox can also perform a wide variety of data-storage and -evaluation tasks.

The ControlBox records information that will help you make the correct long-term decisions about how you use your vehicles. It has a memory that can log back-pressure and temperature data for up to around 900 days.


Product No: 20103
Technical Details

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The Control Box:

- Measures, logs and monitors several system parameters

- Controls active regeneration and alarm systems

- Designed for manufacturer-independent operation

 - Evaluation of data gathered over extended periods


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