The DYNTEST-Module CatFire® is an active regeneration system for DOC-type diesel particle filters in conjunction with the highly reliable DYNTEST bus system.

There's no escaping active regeneration systems if the temperature of the exhaust gases a vehicle produces are not sufficiently high - as is often the case with buses, waste-collection trucks and forklifts trucks. Unfortunately, conventional flame burners have a very high energy requirement, which means they can only provide regeneration when the engine is idling - and not under full load. The DYNTEST-Module CatFire®  was designed to function under all types of operating conditions. And as an intelligent system, it permits diesel post-injection for coated filters and additive systems, independent of the engine-management system.

The CatFire® performs outstandingly well when used in conjunction with the highly reliable DYNTEST bus system, which continuously monitors operational parameters such as temperature
and back-pressure levels. If necessary CatFire® can quickly initiate the regeneration routine by directing injected diesel fuel along with the exhaust gases to the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) with
a heat-up coating. Here the injected diesel fuel is burnt off catalytically. This simple, easy-to-control
catalytic procedure raises the exhaust-gas temperature to a preset value. The start temperature of the catalytic burning of diesel fuel, e.g. 200°, depends on the coating of the DOC.

The sophisticated structure of CatFire V2 makes it a lot easier to install the HC dosing unit. CPK has installed the pump in its own purpose made housing, which is controlled by the standard ControlBox. Furthermore, we have incorporated a special software in the ControlBox to control the pump. The dosing pump is connected to the ControlBox by a standard output of the ControlBox. This means the extra wire harness is not needed anymore.

When installing the HC dosing unit as an add-on module, a second temperature sensor is needed. However, a wire harness with 2 temperature sensors is required when installing the CatFire V2 directly with the ControlBox.

Before using the CatFire V2 the first time, the special program 120 as well as the panel type needs to be activated. The parametrization can still be done by PC or On-Road panel.

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