The DYNTEST-Module LiquiCat®, which is an add-on module that works together with the ControlBox® (ECU) provides perfect control of the regeneration process. Once fitted, its sensors are integrated in your tried and tested DYNTEST bus system, and it will control the dosing of the additives. If a critical value is reached, the LiquiCat® will trigger audible and visible alarm signals. The dosing module is easy to program, and can be set to meet a wide range of operating requirements.

FBC (fuel borne catalyst) additives can reduce the temperature at which soot ignites (normally 650 °C) to around 350°C. This is a significant reduction in temperature, and if it is maintained for 1-2 minutes, the filter will be automatically regenerated, for the catalyser molecules in the soot are evenly distributed. The entire regeneration process will be completed in less than five minutes.

For example, you can choose between continuous and one-off injection of the additives. The module works together with the fuel-level indicator to ensure fully automatic metering of the supply of additives, so that the additive-to-fuel ratio remains constant. However, the amount of fuel in the tank can also be monitored manually. If you prefer continuous dosing of the amount of additive injected into the fuel, then the LiquiCat® Micro is the version for you. It's ideal for less demanding operational applications, and is controlled independently of the monitoring system.

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