The DYNTEST RemCo® module provides round-the clock access to the measurement readings and alarm data stored in the memory of your DYNTEST system. Alarm, monitoring and control functions.
This information can be automatically transmitted to the internet at set intervals by means of GPRS/UMTS/CDMA data transfer; after that, all you have to do is download it. Quickly, conveniently, and at little cost. That means you can monitor the state of the filters installed in your vehicles’ exhaust systems with the GSM mobile network, for the GSM standard is recognized by just about every global web service provider. And since the DYNTEST RemCo® module utilizes GPS positioning technology, it can perform a wide range of additional functions, such as vehicle location, fleet-management tasks – and deterring thieves!
Operating requirement: In order to use the DYNTEST Rem-Co® module you will need a standard internet-enabled SIM card with a data (CSD_Call) number. You can obtain this type of card either direct from us, or from your mobile network operator.

Filter maintenance by means of remote diagnostics.

A diesel-particulate filter is only as good as the monitoring system protecting it. If you’re put in the picture as soon as an emergency arises, you’ll save yourself time, money and aggravation. The DYNTEST RemCo® module can be programmed to send an SMS direct to your technician when a filter is in need of immediate attention. A remote assessment of the situation will generally be sufficient to diagnose and sort out the problem. But if have to send a technician to carry out an on-the-spot check, the remote diagnosis will give him a fair idea of what has to be done. That in itself will help you keep a lid on costs.
And the DYNTEST RemCo® module will also have the highly beneficial side effect of promoting customer loyalty, for it will enable you to offer attractive service contracts (e.g. for the maintenance and repair of exhaust filters).


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